RHPC Provide the following Services:

1] Child & Adolescent Psychology Service (CAPS) 

Led by Mrs Pauline Riley-Hunte, with a  Senior Assistant Psychologist, Assistant Psychologist,  and clinically trained HCPC registered ‘Associates’, who all specialise in the assessment, diagnosis and remediation of children and young people with a wide range of learning, educational, emotional, physical and mental health conditions. CAPS sees a number of children and young people each day, over a 4 day clinic. The service specialises in the assessment, remediation and ongoing support, for people with neurodevelopmental conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ADHD and a range of co-existing conditions. Referrals come largely from private neurodevelopmental community paediatricians, child psychiatrists, schools, private educationalists  and social care.  Self–referrals from parents within the UK and abroad.

2] Health and Well-Being Practice –Led by Bazil Hunte and RHPC’s health and well-being Associates, who are committed to developing health and fitness awareness within GP surgeries, schools, community groups and social services. Specific hard to reach populations are targeted and prioritised, especially the elderly, people with obesity, diabetes, circulatory conditions, stress, anxiety and depression. The service also provides a unique ’Osteogenic Loading bone and muscle strengthening programme, the first of its kind in the UK. It's a private venture, working in callaboration with a GP clinic, where it accepts NHS and private referrals. Based on a unique  programme.

3] Parenting Projects: - RHPC Directors are parent facilitators and trainers and are particularly committed to the NHS ‘Solihull Approach’ way of working. Most  Associates have been trained by RHPC in the ‘2 day Solihull Foundation Approach’ which ensures that everyone working with the consultancy, demonstrate the highest levels of care and respect for our young clients and their families, through SA language, principles and shared understanding. They are also experienced group facilitators of other parenting courses, such as ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’ and ‘Webster Stratton’, as well as designing and implementing their own Parent Mentor training program.  

4] Project Development UK 

RHPC has set up many community focused projects both in the UK and internationally. Such as a 6 week ‘Conflict Resolution and Mediation Program’ for young people with challenging behaviours. This program has corresponding training workshops for parents/carers and professionals and was initially written by RHPC for the Attorney General’s Office in Barbados who were concerned with the increasing levels of aggression  among young people. Its target population was the Youth Offending Service (YOS) and pupils attending the Ministry of Education’s ‘Pupil Referral Units’ (PRUs), excluded pupils and school refusers. The project, which began in 2004, is now going into its 12th year. Other projects include Hackney Social Services’ ‘Community Intervention Team’ 2002, CIT) Parenting Mentor program – where volunteers are matched to parents and families in need. Newham College 2010-2012, Autism Adviser/Project Manager of a newly built college autism centre called LS3 for 20 students with autism and complex needs. 

4] Project Development  - International

RHPC has been involved in a wide range of international work including projects with UNICEF, on parenting education, training professionals and parents, to run parent groups facilitation skills. A UNICEF project based in Dominica on ‘violence against children’, a project looking at ‘sexual abuse against children across the Caribbean’. 3Di and ADOS training in 2012 run in Barbados by GOS trainers. Training for school primary and secondary Principals.

5] Training –RHPC’s Directors have a long and strong history of delivering training at local, national and international level

6] Fundraising - RHPC is committed to inclusion and as such fundraisers for most events is the norm.

7] Research - 5 year longitudinal project on Nutrition, between HARVARD University and the Ministry of Health. Solihull Approach- Barbados Psychology Lead Assessor.