Nana Akua Owusu is a Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) with several years’ experience as an early years’ practitioner, a counsellor, support/coach for staff working in the field of disability.   She has worked in both the public, private and voluntary sector for many years in the UK and Ghana. 

She trained in the UK as a SLT and counsellor for the bereaved and Childline, UK, an online telephone service for abused children and those at risk.  As a SLT, Nana has experience in assessing, diagnosing, designing and executing appropriate therapy and supporting families of persons with speech and language disabilities.   A significant part of her work involves promoting effective people interaction and working collaboratively with clients, their families and significant others to improve/increase their quality of life. Nana Akua worked for several years for the government’s Sure Start Programme; designing, setting up and managing SLT projects in deprived innercity communities in the UK. 

She was part of a team that provided annual training sessions to other health and education professionals (Community Paediatricians, Health Visitors and Teachers) as well as parents of children and young people receiving speech and language therapy.

Since returning to Ghana in 2007, Nana Akua’s work has focused on training, teaching and coaching health and education practitioners, parents and members of the public on effective communication skills: In particular, effective communication when interacting with persons with communication disability.  Nana Akua set up AwaaWaa2, a not-for-profit organisation for children (18months-12yrs) with communication disability and also provides support for their families.  She also runs short courses in special needs to increase the skills of family members and attendants: She introduced the term facilitator to represent well-trained and informed staff to facilitate positive access to mainstream activities for children with disabilities. 

She offers consultancy and training in disability, rehabilitation and child development work.  She also provides guidance and advice in early years’ staff development, interpersonal skills, appraisals and counselling. 

Nana Akua has attended and presented at several international and national conferences on a range of topics related to speech and language therapy.  She has also written and co-authored on topics of interest in SLT to educate, inform and raise awareness.   

Currently she teaches on the audiology, speech and language therapy, masters’ programme at the University of Ghana and is the programme coordinator.  She is a co-director at Speech and Hearing Centre, a private practice providing audiometric and clinical communication services to the public and also oversees the work of AwaaWaa2, a centre for young children with communication disability.

Areas of Interest 

Nana has a strong interest in training/teaching effective communication to help foster positive relationships and improve participation for persons with disability and individuals.  She enjoys coaching young adults in attitudinal change to reflect positive approaches to life and personal development.  She is passionate about ensuring the rights of children and advocating for children with disability to be included at home and school.  Nana Akua is a board member of Emmanuel Deaf Network, an organisation set up to assist the Deaf Community improve, develop role models and assist those interested in the Christian faith to progress in their faith walk.  Nana believes in honesty, integrity, love, patience, change and faith in God.                                     

Professional Membership

Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) – Ghana (Body that regulates allied health practitioners in Ghana)