Dr Michele Perry-Springer, Consultant Educational Psychologist

Dr Michele Perry-Springer has been an educational psychologist for the past 15 years and an educator for over 25years.

Michele has taught both in the UK and the Caribbean and is passionate about the needs of children with special educational needs and those that are considered vulnerable and at risk.

Currently, Michele specialises in the needs of children and young people with care-experienced histories and leads training in Attachment and Emotion Coaching in order to support teachers to apply trauma-informed practice in the classroom.

As a senior educational psychologist, Michele is an experienced supervisor of both main grade and trainee EPs.

Michele has been trained in the Solihull Approach (AP) and in Video Interaction Guidance (VIG) both approaches are concerned in analysis and better understanding of relationships and how to support attuned communication.

Michele is a passionate educational psychologist who aims to help translate theory to evidence-based practice in order to promote positive educational experiences for children and young people.